Sustainability / Built to last

Our commitment to sustainability:

  • Made to last
  • Sustainable materials
  • Craftsmanship / no waste

Made to last

The best form of sustainability is creating clothes that are made to last. We support the concept of Slow Fashion. Our garments are designed and built to last over time, which is why Sartoria Giusti Roma does not provide discounts during the year, not even during the sales. It is a form of respect for our craftsmanship and for our customers.

Quality and sustainable materials

We believe that the commitment to sustainability must start from the choice of materials and suppliers. We prefer the choice of materials that have a recognized certification of sustainability, the same thing goes for suppliers. At the same time, being an artisan process, we pay attention to making choices to reduce energy consumption. We implement a no-waste plan aimed at reducing waste in the production phase.