Tradition is not the worship of ashes, but the preservation of fireGustav Mahler

Sartoria Giusti Rome was born from the Italian tradition of handmade and is the heir of a historic Roman business active at the beginning of the twentieth century in Piazza Trevi in the heart of the Eternal city.

We re-propose clothes from the Italian tailoring history of the twentieth century produced with the same artisanal characteristics of the time.

Those who wear Giusti Roma experience the emotion of wearing a garment made with the same care and style typical of the classic years of Italian fashion which will later become an icon all over the world.

Handcrafted production.

All our garments are handmade in tailoring with artisanal procedures that allow us to have great care and attention for each product.

Due to its limited nature and lack of industrial procedures, our production represents a criterion of uniqueness of the clothes. This is why we adopt a no-sale policy throughout the year to protect the uniqueness of the product and out of respect for our customers.

We convey emotions.

All our garments are unique and it is the same feeling they convey by wearing them. We want to excite by following the thread of the seam, the shape of the dress and touching the stitching.