Our garments are entirely handmade following artisanal procedures that safeguard their quality and uniqueness, exactly as in the early 20th century tailors. For this reason we guarantee the full quality and conformity of the garments but no one can be defined as identical to another and this is what makes them truly unique.

How our products are born

Research and study

The conception of our garments comes from careful research to offer clothes that are consistent with the early twentieth century in terms of fabrics and workmanship.

For this reason, in the tailoring we have a small sector library with fashion books and magazines from the early twentieth century.

Choice of materials

In full compliance with our principles of sustainability, the choice of fabrics and haberdashery is a particularly delicate phase, therefore we seek only top quality suppliers who offer a more coherent choice with the re-proposition of twentieth century clothes.


The choice of colors for our collections is never trivial and requires careful study so that the chosen palette is consistent with the inspiration of the collection.

Also for this reason we have a collection of fabrics with color samples in the tailoring to find the most correct shade for our re-propositions.


Each item of Sartoria Giusti Roma is unique. The guarantee that we attach to the product certifies it. The handcrafted production allows us to offer an exclusive uniqueness that industrial production cannot guarantee. In being absolutely faithful to the collection, the single Giusti Roma dress has its own unique characteristics.

Sew by hand.