The sweet life

Fellini said that they also filmed at night and the beautiful Anita Ekberg never complained of the cold. He stayed in the water for many hours, in the middle of the Trevi Fountain, without ever complaining. “When we were filming, at night, there were people everywhere” Fellini recounted. Everyone wanted to tell the next day that they had seen the hottest actors of the moment with their own eyes. They emerged from the most remote corners of Piazza di Trevi. Others looking out the window, up to the most daring ones who climbed the roofs of Rome to get a glimpse of something.

La Dolce Vita was not just a film, it was a way of approaching life, so fascinating and romantic. Experience the lightness of a hot day surrounded by the history of a millenary city, an architecture between the ancient and the modern, a sense of decadence and the sensuality of the streets.

The 50s and 60s saw Rome transform into a metropolis where art, culture, fashion and cinema reached their maximum splendour. At the time Rome was the city for those who believed that life was good. The Spanish Steps was one of the most important places in Rome in the Dolce Vita: nightlife, cafes and restaurants offering great Italian cuisine. They were the streets of Pier Paolo Pasolini and Alberto Moravia reciting their poems.

They were the streets of the great intellectuals who proposed their ideas and criticized others. La Dolce Vita was the era of luxury and beauty, for strolling along the elegant Via Vittorio Veneto, wearing a dress as elegant as the streets of Rome. The Excelsior Hotel where the greatest artists stayed. Via Veneto was the beating heart of the Dolce Vita, the place where life was lived with more intensity.

On one side the Tiber, on the other gold lacquered bar tables, ordering an espresso, enjoying the sun and the pursuit of refinement: this was Via Vittorio Veneto. La Dolce Vita in Rome was a golden age in the city's history, a time of great splendor and beauty. The places that characterized this period are still today among the most beautiful and fascinating in the city.

La Dolce Vita remains an icon of elegance, sophistication and romance to this day, and continues to fascinate and inspire future generations.